Should I optimize my Wordpress database?


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I have seen some posts taking about optimizing your Wordpress database by using some plugins or other means.

I want to know if this is needed or if it something that there is really not much need to do.


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It all depends on a few different things like how big your database is, are there a lot of post revisions, auto-drafts, post revisions and things along those lines.

If you have a lot of useless junk in your database then it can help clean it up but most the time you will not see much difference in any kind of performance unless your database is full of a lot of the things I mentioned above.

It can't hurt though as long as you do it right. It's easier to do with a plugin like WP-Optimize which you can get for free from the WordPress repository. It's easy to use and works well.


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If you have a really large Wordpress database then optimizing it can help clean it up and if it's really full of junk then it can even show a slight speed improvement.

If your database is rather small then optimizing it is not going to make a huge difference in any kind of performance but you can still do it if you want.


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Since they have plugins for this and it is easy to do then you can do it anyway. It can't hurt to do it even if it does not help much. I saw on wordpress that there is an optimize plugin that is one of the top plugins so it must mean that many people do it so go and do it.


I agree with a the others. It can't hurt to do it so I would go for it since it's so easy to do.

Why leave something left unoptimized when it's so easy to do?


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It's not needed but if you got the time then go ahead and do it. Since there are some good free plugins available that can do it easily I say go ahead and get it done.

It can't hurt but just maybe make a backup of your database first just to be safe.


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I would do it myself if I was you. It's just one more thing to help optimize your website for the best possible performance and loading speed and it's so easy to do with some of the good database optimization plugins that er out there.

Given that you can get it done real quick and for no cost, other than your time, I would do it.
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