PROGRAMMATIC MOBILE VIDEO is experiencing excessive demand


Many advertisers consider video as the future of mobile advertising, and now this view is backed up by exact figures.

Programmatic SSP SpotXchange issued a report, showing an increase in the popularity of mobile video algorithmic procurement and forecasting more growth.

The mobile video, entering programmatic market, is experiencing high demand. So, SpotXchange reported that the cost of programmatic mobile video was increased by 800% since the beginning of this year.

Mike Shehen, SpotXchange CEO, claims that their platform is spending about 20% of advertising budgets for mobile video (for comparison, in the first half of 2014 less than 4% of the cost accounted for mobile advertising). Mr. Shehen is sure that by this time next year they will spend at least 50% of advertising budgets on mobile advertising.

In addition, CEO of SpotXchange believes that the most tasty morsel will be the increase of the share of private marketplaces in algorithmic purchasing of advertising. More than 40% of the impressions of the platform come from private ad exchanges. This increase, according to the experts, may indicate a turning point in the industry of algorithmic purchases of advertising.