Mybb vs phpbb, which is better for a free forum software?


Are you guys here using Mybb or phpbb? I am wanting to build a forum but with free cms, I'm thinking phpbb but I am seeing more web developers using Mybb, is forum software better than phpbb?


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I personally like phpbb slightly better but that is a personal preference. MyBB is pretty good and many people do prefer it over phpbb as they find its easier to work with overall.

My suggestion as you will find answers going either way and since both opensource. Install both of them and take them for a test drive. Nothing beats your own self experience.

Make sure both have any plugins available that you think you will need. Also, look at which one you find easier to work with if you are going to be creating a theme for or developing your own plugins.


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Personally I have always preferred myBB over phpBB but both of these are good free forum options. I like myBB better because it's easier to use, setup and run over phpBB. I also like the styling and visual looks of myBB better and there are some really great looking themes/styles/skins for it as well.

It's basically a preference thing because there are people that will always prefer one over the other but after you try them out you'll probably find that you like one over the other for your own reasons.

Cheers, Dean.


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I don't particularly think that one of these is much better than the other but it more depends on the uses that you are looking for and what features you want. There are people that are favoring one of these over the other and it is basically going to come down to preference most of the time.

I like myBB based on having one of each of these and the ease of use as well as more modern designs and themes that are available.

It's all going to be a personal choice as to what you like and what feature you value. ;)