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Every time your sharing results in the opening of a new Kinesis ONE Account &/or Kinesis Ambassador Account, you will be rewarded with on-going ("Life of the Account") passive residual income in accordance with the terms of the Kinesis Blueprint and KAMP Commission Structure respectively.

Your Yields and Commissions will be deposited directly into your Kinesis Mobile Wallet Account which you can invest or spend virtually anywhere in the world through inter-wallet transfers and Debit Card.

On top of that, until you spend available funds from your Kinesis One Account, Kinesis will actually pay you a Yield for Holding funds inside of your account.

This provides an immediate business opportunity for anyone, whether they are: a private individual referring friends or family; someone wanting to establish a business to refer investors/users into Kinesis; an online marketer or affiliate; a person or business wanting to refer other businesses or broker/dealer operations in; or a pre-established business wanting to enroll there clients in the Kinesis system.

The more the Recruiters enlisted eWallets transact then the larger the transaction fee revenue is for them.

Being a Kinesis Brand Amabassador represents a Global Opportunity to help people and businesses save money and protect their wealth by using this next generation monetary system that goes 'beyond banking'. Your Kinesis Mobile Wallet Account and Kinesis Currencies (aka Kinesis Money) will open up a whole new way to manage, monitor, protect and grow your wealth.

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The vision for Kinesis is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today.

Physical Gold and Silver

Kinesis’ primary currencies, KAU and KAG, are based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver, two of the greatest stable and definable stores of value for use in trade and investment.
‘Allocated’ means that full direct title to the bullion backing the KAU and KAG coins is held by the owner of the respective coin.
The Kinesis debit card allows for instant conversion of KAU and KAG into fiat currency anywhere in the world where Visa / Mastercard is accepted, even allowing Kinesis currency holders to withdraw funds at an ATM.

Bespoke Blockchain Technology

The Kinesis Money team has developed a proprietary blockchain network forked off the Stellar blockchain for the Kinesis currency suite.
The Kinesis Blockchain Network provides very high transaction speeds, coupled with customisable, percentage-based transaction fees, which has created optimal conditions for the Kinesis currency.
This allows for the high velocity required in the Kinesis currencies, core to the Kinesis model.

Kinesis Blockchain Exchange

The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE) operates as a blockchain digital currency exchange where Kinesis and other digital (crypto) currencies can be traded. This is being developed internally to ensure deep liquidity for the Kinesis Currencies.

Kinesis Blockchain Network

The Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN) is the blockchain technology upon which the Kinesis Suite of Currencies are built.
Kinesis Currencies can be sent, spent, saved, or traded through the blockchain. Coins purchased in the wholesale market are emitted into the KBN with incentives based on money velocity.

Kinesis Financial Network

The Kinesis Financial Network (KFN) serves as the world's premier mobile banking system where Kinesis Currencies can be used for savings, payments, remittances, and money movement.

Kinesis ONE Account

Your Kinesis ONE Account will have an ultra-secure encrypted Mobile Wallet and e-commerce technology suite allowing you to view your account balances in virtually any fiat currency of choice.
Our mobile payment account system and balance is equivalent to a virtual savings account giving you the ability to earn interest on all funds loaded into your Mobile Payment Account.

Kinesis Debit Card

Paired with the technology offerings is an integrated debit card equivalent to a virtual checking account, which can be used anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted, allowing you to withdraw funds at virtually any ATM around the world.
Our Debit Cards also allow you to purchase good and services around the world anywhere Mastercard or Visa (varies by country) is accepted, using Fiat or Cryptocurrencies you hold in your Kinesis ONE Account.

The Kinesis Monetary System attaches a yield to physical gold and silver for varying degrees of passive or active participation: Minter Yield, Depositor Yield, Holder Yield and Recruiter Yield.

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