How to drive traffic to niche blog site?


Hey guys, please suggest me tips..I need your help on how to drive niche traffic to blob site. I have niche blog site on ''free wordpress themes '' and am finding it difficult to drive traffic to the blog.

Please guide me from your experience.


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1) Build the most useful site you can build. Make your pages more useful than the pages on other sites that they compete against.
2) Target the phrase free wordpress themes with your homepage using SEO.
3) Target longer tail keywords with other pages on your site. Make sure the keywords you target are attracting people in the same audience as your homepage. other words, if your homepage targets "free wordpress themes" then I would target similar but longer keywords with other pages like "best free wordpress theme for a small business" or "20 best free wordpress themes for niche blogs"
4) Go find places where your audience is spending time online right now. Figure out how to introduce your website to that audience on those sites. That might mean buying advertising on that site. That might mean joining a forum and becoming an active member there. Use your imagination on how to get noticed.

That should get you started.


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I preach social media promotion a lot and this is another one of those posts because social media promotion is going to help you get traffic for your site. Since you are in the Wordpress niche then social media is going to be even more important for you since there are a huge amount of Wordpress users that use social media as a way to promote their Wordpress sites.

Start a good social media campaign and make sure to use the hastag in front of the word "Wordpress" so that people searching for Wordpress stuff will see it at the upper part of their searches.

Cheers, Dean.


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To help get more traffic to a WordPress niche blog website it is probably going to be a good idea to join as many WordPress related forums and post topics on all forums that you are active on both here and elsewhere about WordPress related topics.

Try to help out other people and that can gain trust and a following and possible traffic.

Helping with replies on the official WordPress sites to questions that other WordPress users is also another way to help generate some traffic but on some you will probably have to use an ID that is related to the domain your blog is at in order to get the best benefits. ;)

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There are numerous ways that work out:
1)Try using linkedin for lead generation.
2)Try writing blog posts on topics peoples are searching for. Then share the links in social media.
3)Email marketing to get in touch with people who have shown interest in your product in the past.
4)Offer freemium services for a short period to build trust.

Hope it helps!
With me , i will SEO the top of google , promote on social media ( facebook , twitter...) and you should remember , Content is KING.
to go further, it is not easy to SEO a website at this time on first page of Google.
Of course is, it depends on the competition of your keywords and what is having on your site. :)


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to go further, it is not easy to SEO a website at this time on first page of Google.
Of course is, it depends on the competition of your keywords and what is having on your site. :)
Thanks Emmanuel, I found an SEO service provider that can guarantee me page #1 on Google in one year. I have time to wait since I own the website. 100 back links a month and long tail keywords to help rank the website. We will see. :)


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I am just curious how much did you spend for this service? are keywords more competitive?

Take care with low quality backlinks, your website can be ranked in short time but it can hurt your SEO in the future.
Something must be working. The service is only 30 dollars a month. Within 6 days, I was averaging 300 visitors a day, now 1 week later I've tripled it. The keywords are related to my content of blog post and images.