How to convert HTML to PDF Files?


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As a web developer, I need to send samples of my sites to clients that is necessary to convert into pdf files. I tried so many tools but all of I tried is full of glitches, some more or some little. But I needed the one that can work smoothly without any glitches..

I found a tool called HTML 2 PDF Rocket, this is quite good and free from all glitches..I you wanna try, checkout it at

Any other suggestion regarding this? Your suggestions are more than welcome :)


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I'm agree with you. Most HTML to PDF services doesn't work fine. The best way that I found (when I had to use it, years ago) worked perfectly for that purpose. It was a Windows software that sends the web page to a virtual printer queue, which what really does is to export it to PDF. So, the copy is as accurate as a printed document. It name was PrimoPDF.
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Just doing a Google search will show many different websites that convert html files to pdf's. I personally have only done this a couple of times and used and/or

I believe their are some scripts on Code Canyon that will convert html files to PDF's or at least there were some when I had looked there last year.


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I would use adobe reader pro, If I don't have access to it, I'l go to Firefox add-ons and type HTML to PDF or web to PDF, a bunch of option going to appear, chose four or six and try them out, those plugins works great.