Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords


Have you tried both these ad networks, which is your recommendation?

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?


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Try them both for good traffic and sales conversion....
This is not a good recommendation because you should choose one direction because of your budget or for which will be better.

In my opinion, I would recommend google ads for better one if you have good budget and ad campaign for it.

Facebook ad is only for likes and views, no more worthy for sales. If your niche is fashion then I would you try with Faccebook ad, it will bring you better sales.


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No doubt Google adwords , Fb ads are costly and gives less conversion rates compare to google adwords.
What do you think that says facebook expensive advertising and no high effective advertising google


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Facebook ads works better for getting likes than sales, so if you are looking for likes then use Facebook ads. One the other hand, if you are looking for sales or at least leads for sales (or anything else) then use Google Adwords.

Cheers, Dean


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I would choose Google AdWords if you are looking for sales, leads, traffic, etc. Only use Facebook ads if you are looking for likes for your Facebook page.

Facebook can get a little of the same things Google AdWords is good for but to match up to AdWords numbers you would have to spend more money using Facebook for the same results.