Do you think facebook is the best tool for selling?


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If you're selling condominiums, then facebook really is the best place to sell it. You could show the place through uploaded images and they could immediately contact you through chat and the likes. So there is a solid communication between you and your possible buyers. Not to mention millions of people uses facebook in a daily basis. So reaching your target demographic is very possible.


I think yes, Facebook I think is the number one social media right now, a lot of users and possible customers, or buyers, and is easy to share if you have a lot of friends, It's actually like marketing, but I think you should not include your business in your private account, or personal account, you should make another profile or page. and just link your personal account to your business account.


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"As of 2016, 78 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile." (

And almost most of the 78% is facebook technically facebook marketing is the first thing you want to learn in marketing online you'll get a lot of audience and target them very easily. There's this Facebook Ad that requires you to pay for the Facebook advertisement you can choose who your target customers and decide how long will it be to last in facebook.

samie peralta

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I think so it's much easier to promote in facebook. Much possible to have more clients and much better to promote more products. Almost everyone is using facebook in their everyday life so it is more advantage if we use facebook in selling.


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Aside from Facebook, you can market with different Medium or channels since Facebook is, I know overused. LOL
Try making a LinkedIn account since all of the folks there are Professionals. You can also message them there and market your Business. Since they are working personnels, you have a possibility to earn from them or do business with them. Businesses / Companies has their own LinkedIn accounts too. Perhaps you can submit proposals to them plus you can also advertise to them.

Akosi Aldrincaaya

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Your personal posts on Facebook can be a good source of a marketing tool for advertisement. All you need to do is to be competitive and make a caption that is persuasive. Try to convince them why the condominium that you are selling is better compared to what they're selling. With that in mind, ask some of your friends to share your posts for it will make your advertisements be seen by everyone. Don't forget to pin on top your posts about the condominium that you're selling. Whenever they visit your profile, the first thing that they will see is your posts about the condominium. To that end, you can also have personal messages. Let us not underestimate messenger. Try to have messages with your friends and it is important that you'll be telling exact details about the legality so they will not be suspicious.

Diya Agarwal

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In this time I think facebook is the best option for your business. I've seen a lot of people became successful in their business by using Facebook. So you can follow the facebook for your business.


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I think its a good way to advertise your product in Facebook to make sale. Now a days its creating huge opportunities by selecting large audience. But it will be better if you use Facebook platform for marketing or for advertisement