Do you think facebook is the best tool for selling?


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Hi guys,
I'm new here. I joined because i'm a part time real estate seller here in the Philippines. I want to create internet ads for the condominium we're selling. Most of my colleagues have their ads in facebook. Can anyone suggest other sites that can atleast level the advertisement on facebook? I know that facebook ads are good but almost all of the agents do their ads there so i'm looking for alternative that has fewer competitor.


you could try Twitter and instagram. These two medium is better than Facebook by my own observation. So you could take advantage of these two.
Facebook certainly does look like the best option here, even more so considering it's a condominium you're trying to sell. I'd suggest posting that on specially made groups, made for reselling real estate, or pages instead of just using ads.
As suggested, Twitter and Instagram could help too, although not as much as Facebook. If you take some interesting pictures of it you could even try to go to Pinterest, given that it has a overall higher average age (and they're the most likely to consider buying an apartment, I guess). Best of luck with it!


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Well if you are looking for a way to promote real estate then the visual social media networks will probably work well if you have images on the properties that you are trying to promote.

Places like Pinterest and Instagram might do well and even Twitter since you can post more often on there without looking spammy like Facebook sometimes turns out.


Most of the social media sites have advertising options. You just have to figure out where the people you are targeting are and advertise on those.

I read somewhere that Linkedin is good for advertising but I don't know if it's true for real estate. You can check though.


You might also want to see about joining Facebook groups that have the people in them that you are targeting for your real estate. Those would not cost anything other than time.

Maybe groups of homeowners, investors in real estate and groups like that.


@Zheh We have runned some successful campaign earlier over Google Adwords / Facebook for Real Estate Vertical so I can assure you that these 2 are the best platform for running your campaign.

Get perfect Ad copy written by Native Writer . Video Ads over facebook convert perfectly so if you can get a video done for your real estate it will help you lot in getting leads and conversions.

Try to do split testing with Video , Images , Gif , Carousel ad sets start with small budgets and select best converting Adverts for you then scale that Advert set.

Sorry to say but Pinterest , Twitter will not help in this as those platform or not Real Estate Niche specific.

When you are running Ads over Facebook you will get exposure over Instagram too .

Use Houzz , Builderzoom etc sites to get reviews and more credibility to your business.


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I think pay per click advertising will maybe be better for this since you can pick the keywords that you are wanting to target people for. It will maybe be harder to just do random social media marketing because you will probably not reach many of the people you are looking for.


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I think facebook is the best option for your selling business. Aside from the fact that almost everyone has facebook account, on this platform once you posted about the stuff you are selling there would also be possibility that the friends of your friends will see your post if they hit the like button or commented on it. So it means its not only limited to your friends in facebook because other might see it. And I think this is the easiest platform to use. I can see a lot of my friends selling clothes, bags, shoes, etc here. Some are into real estate or posting job hiring online. Facebook makes life easier.


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I think facebook is not really the best tool for selling it is only one of the tool for you to sell. Although it can help you a lot to introduce your products or services and to be known by other people. It can help a lot but for me the best tool for selling is your pesonal contact with people which you can assure the honesty of the person. You can also relay on facebook because its one way to attract people.


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I've seen a lot of people became successful in their business by using Facebook. I think it's a good way to promote whatever product you have. There are also a lot of of Facebook Groups that you can join, it's a good way to connect with possible buyers. Using Instagram is another option for you too!


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By far Facebook is the best tool for selling different stuffs, however you must not constrain yourself from using other social networking medium, the more traffic you are using it will be easier for the end user to know your product.

Use social networking sites to your advantages.

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Do you have a website for your real estate listings? I think if you have a website then you can try to get people to come and see your property listings. Having just ads will probably not work too good.


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Facebook seems to be great for selling many different things so selling real estate will probably work there too. You just have to be able to target the right people that might be interested in the offerings that you have available.

Were you talking about Facebook ads or just Facebook marketing?

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I believe so, In my opinion facebook is the best place to sell things. I have an online business and I can say that I have a lot customers and it's getting bigger and bigger because some of customers are recommending my page to some of their friends as well.


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I’m also from real estate industry, and also on the marketing side of our company, we probably use Facebook Advertisement to boost our product and development of our projects. I think today this is the best tool because most of the people now a day have a Facebook account, if you think of this the more active user the more you can reach of your products that you want to sell. Many small business entrepreneurs are started at Facebook account or Facebook Page to reach more expected buyers.


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I wouldn't really say the best but probably one of the ways to increase your sales. Since social media sites have very large number of members around the globe you can use it as a platform for your online shop. But I would still recommend having your own website or joining websites like Ebay and Amazon.


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I would say Facebook is the best tool for online selling and/or advertising/promoting our product or services. Facebook has been the top of the list for social media for the past few years. Almost everyone is on Facebook, so we wouldn't have problems in searching for the type of market our product is for. Facebook is very easy and convenient to use also, not to mention its very accessible.


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yes facebook is the great platform in terms of selling because facebook is so broad your stuff can be seen by so many person your business or products can gonna be share by others and others if you're offering a good quality of business people will gonna send you a feedback and they can be your customer and facebook is free no advertisement fee just click share and that's it wait for the comment or question they ask so simple.

i don't know if there's social media that can be as good as facebook.


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If you have many friends, I guess facebook is the best tool for you to sell your product or make business. I have friends and according to them, facebook opens wide opportunity to make business. They just post their products, wait for the messages or comments from their costumers or clients make a deal and there you go. Earn money, make business and make posting your part time job!