Captcha vs. List of questions?


List of questions is by far a better mechanism than cahptcha, because the spammers would need to modify their bots specifically for your site, and 99.99% of them won't bother.


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I have used both of these types of captcha's (as well as some others on my sites) and out of these I usually prefer to use the list of questions. I prefer that because with the ability to create your own questions(the only type I will use of these) it's going to be harder to be cracked by a bot.

Cheers, Dean.


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Between these two captcha options I would use the questions option BUT you have to make sure to use uncommon questions because there are ways to defeat the common questions, so keep them unique. Just make sure that the questions are questions that people will be able to answer correctly but that are not common questions used in captchas. ;)