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Daniel Evans

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For general enquiries, please contact me via the website below giving reference the the InternetMarketingStar:

....or simply drop me a PM.



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Hi Daniel Evans

How much does it cost for a logo on my site?

I'm looking for a graphic designer with affordable price.

Pls PM me your offers.


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Thanks for your interest Drew.

You can view my prices by clicking the advert.

There may be some exceptions for high illustrative work, but for the majority of logos those prices will apply.

I clicked some but its hard to find the prices

If possible, please PM me your rate for designing a logo.


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Prices are beneath the package name in each column:

View Prices.

Do you have prices for more quantity logo's for like 4 or 5 if all are bought the same time? I saw the prices but it did not say any thing about discounts for more than one paid the same time.

I am making some blogs and want a custom logo for each but I am looking for quantity discounts. They will be pretty easy but I will need certain colors for each logo.


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Good offer!

I will contact you when needing a logo for my sites.

Just a quick question, do you provide any logo concepts before purchasing your logo service?