Accepting a Stranger's Friend Request on FB?


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There's nothing wrong with that facebook makes your account secure; it has options to increase your security but it's up to you if you're going to do that.


I think you should have separate account for your business, you can add them on your business page, but not in your Facebook personal account, but well it's up to you, if that costumer or person has already connection or you and that person become friends, but for me, I think it's not necessary to add the stranger to your personal account. just be careful.


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I normally investigate a strangers posts, friends and followers before I add them through friend request if they've sent one. Normally, one glance at their Facebook page will show if they're legit or just a spammer, bot or porn account.


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I won't accept some strangers on my Facebook, i have my own standard on checking if those who wanted adding me on Facebook was real a person or I'm having a bad feeling about them on what they motive like. Like if someone send me a friend request, I'll do check their profile first, because some of them looks like's a poser, too pretty or handsome on their display image but if I can see that they don't have so much picture of their own and they just only have 2 or 4 picture i won't accept it. Second if it's only friend is all females/women that i can see on his friend list I won't accept it either. Because the reason I'm thinking was that person only wanted to be flirting on Facebook. Because i encounter sometimes I accept someone and the first thing he said to me on Facebook was not so decent .And i don't like that. Third is if someone have a malicious images on their Facebook,. malicious post, that i think is not appropriate to show to other specially online.

If those characteristic doesn't appeared on someone's profile and they send me a request to be a friend, and plus i have them a mutual friend I would considered accepting them to be my friend.


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I consider my Facebook account private though I still post some public information that I'm aware of. It's too risky for me to accept an invite from a total stranger because first of all I'm not using my Facebook account for any business or any kind of promotional things. I prefer to keep it private and limit my friends to those people who I have known for quite sometime. I have less than 1000 friends and I'm 100% sure that I know everyone of them.


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I have both personal and professional Facebook accounts. For my personal account, if it's a friend request from someone who I don't know personally or who at least isn't also friends with other people I know, I probably would not accept a friend request from them. For my professional account, it depends on whether or not they're in a similar field. If they're not in the same business that I'm marketing to, I probably will not accept their friend request.


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Personally, I would never consider adding a stranger on my own facebook account. However, if I were to build a second account strictly for marketing, I would be much more lenient with who I friend, and hopefully would grow a large network of both those close to me and those from around the world.

Karl Joshua

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Adding strange people is very inappropriate because you may never be sure if they are scammers and just for getting your personal information. If you want friends then create new account for business or other purpose without giving sufficient information. Even adding several friends doesn't guarantee you success in advertising or internet marketing so never be too careless to confirm on strangers account unless you expected it.


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If its a Personal Account, I would not accept strangers since Privacy is very Significant to me and since in the World Wide Web, scams, intruders and bad people are always around.
But when we talk about Businesses, of course we need people and connections.... Just make another account solely for Business and maybe you can add up people since they could be potential customers. Just always be vigilant and be careful with your transactions with them. Always check the background of the person before doing anything that deals with them personally.


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For me, its a no. We dont have to accept all our friend requests on facebook, yes its fun to have new friends on facebook the more the marrier but we also have to be careful. There are many fake accounts in facebook which only used for wrong doing and crimes. Theres the bashers and other what they called keyboard warriors. So be careful.


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It depends on the function of your facebook account. Is this a personal account or for business purposes? If it's a personal one, of course you need to be wary of accepting and entertaining strangers. The 'Don't talk to strangers' we often hear could apply to social media too. I'm not telling you to be a total snob since facebook is functioning to connect people from around the globe. Just take some measures and make your own background check first. It's okay and normal to be cautious. In contrast, if the purpose of your account is for business, being conservative and picky is not wise. That stranger could be a potential customer, a prospective buyer and rejecting that friend request could be fatal that could result to your loss. In business you should be more friendly and easy to reach while your personal life is ideal to remain private.


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If you use your facebook for personal use the strangers not allowed in your facebook only friends allowed to accept but if your facebook is used for bussiness you can accept stranger or otherpeople because more followers more income but you need to be wise.


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Since facebook is the best social media platform to market your business,the more friends you have the higher of the chance of spreading your business.right?I have a question on my mind regarding accepting s friend request.Do you accept friend requests by someone you don't personaly know?I mean a total stranger to you.Is it okay to accept them to have more facebook friend?Is that a good idea?your opinion?

For me, I don't accept strangers friend requests. Why? because I don't know every details from his/her childhood up to now and what is he/she been busying doing this days. It so hard to trust people whom you don't know. When you accept a stranger friend requests, that means your trusting him/her in your daily activities or post in your Facebook account.
Its not really a good idea of accepting stranger friend request.

If you have business that you want to market through Facebook, you can make a dummy account where you can add all strangers across the world just for the sake of your business or you can make a page of your business in Facebook and share it to your trusted friends.
In that way, you can market your business to all people across the world without adding or accepting a stranger friend request.
If you want to have a private life, just delete the strangers friend request.
If you want to have a famous life on Facebook, accept all the strangers friend request.
Its really up to the user. :)


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Just make two accounts, the first one is for your business (if you have) and the second one is your official account. On your first (business) account, add many friends but try to pick a legit account to make your product popular and the second one (official) is add your friends and family for your safety.


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I personally use to never accept a friend request if I did not know the person sending the request. That all changed after watching a webinar that taught me in order to gain as many viewers as possible, you have to get out of your comfort zone. I still get slightly weary when a random request is sent to me; but I always convince myself that what I learned in the webinar was right.