1. Goshen26

    How to convert youtube views to cash

    hello! newbies like me, who are eager to make money online. youtube as a case study. You post a video and you see it being viewed by certain numbers. The following questions now arise: 1. what is lowest number of views that earn you money? 2. how do you convert your views to cash 3. Do you...
  2. alexanderzx360

    What's the importance of video thumbnails?

    Good morning, I'm starting a company soon and I'm probably going to need to make some advertisement videos, I was wondering what's the importance of having designed thumbnails on these videos, do people really mind about them? and what should they be? Thanks!
  3. alexanderzx360

    Best Google Adsense alternatives for earning money?

    I'm starting to make some videos that might or might not go viral, and I'm wondering what are the best advertisement service to include in your video that could earn me the most money, It doesn't have to be Youtube, it could be something like Vimeo, but I need other alternatives besides Google...
  4. Dean

    Do you use Youtube for marketing?

    I have never really utilized Youtube for marketing purposes myself but I know many internet marketers that do use it as part of their internet marketing methods. I am curious how many of our members use Youtube as part of their internet marketing. Do you use Youtube for marketing?
  5. Catherine1

    Do you know of any good Youtube marketing ebooks or courses?

    I'm trying to learn more about Youtube marketing and wanted to know if anyone knows or any good Youtube marketing ebooks or courses that are recommended. Does anyone have any that they would recommend?
  6. Maria Marketing

    Is it good to use Youtube for affiliate marketing?

    I wanted to get some opinions and information from my fellow members as to if it is good to use Youtube to market affiliate products and services? I have did a little research in Google but I keep getting mixed information. I have 2 main questions: 1. Is it allowed by Youtube & the affiliate...