1. KeralMTG

    Where do you get blog post ideas?

    I have been trying to get some more ideas for blog posts because I have been having a harder time to come up with ideas nowadays. I have done so many different things for blog posts already that now it is getting harder to come up with new ideas. Where do you get ideas for your new blog posts?
  2. Milana

    What do I do if a domain I want is not available?

    I want to start another blog for a different niche and all of the good domains in the .com are already taken. What would you recommend if this is the case?
  3. Ben

    Help choosing a new domain

    I will be starting a new blog and was looking at available domain names and wanted some input from anyone who cares to help. My question is should I choose a domain name with and enhancer word in front of a keyword like "TopCars" or "BestCars" or something like a name plus the keyword like...
  4. KeralMTG

    I need advice for a domain name

    I have been trying to figure out a good domain name to buy to use for my new blog but I do not know what are the best choices. I do not know if I should use a keyword or unique name for the domain so which do you think is better choice? All the good names are gone that I can think of in the .com...