1. smartman658

    Generating more followers on Instagram. How?

    I need more followers on Insta. How can i do that, especially when am in the process of starting my own brand? I don't need random people fro all over the world, but the ones who might me interested in it, potential customers, you know the deal.
  2. JennyJ

    Is automated following on Twitter good?

    I saw some articles on doing automated following on the social media sites like Twitter saying that it can sometimes be good to increase your follower growth quickly. I saw some other articles that said it wasn't good to do that. Has anyone tried this or does anyone know if automated following...
  3. KeralMTG

    How do I get more followers on Twitter?

    I started a Twitter account a few months ago and I have only been able to get about 200 followers. What are some good ways to get more followers? If you have any tips then I will appreciate it very much.
  4. Ellen F

    Is it good to have lots of followers & friends on social media for marketing?

    Hi everybody, I have been doing a bit of research on social media marketing and was wondering if it's good to have lots of followers and friends on the social networks? I see some people have an unbelievable amount of people that are following or are friends of theirs, while at the same time...