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  1. Maria Marketing

    Should I build links to my home page or my post pages?

    I know that I need to build more links to my blog to have it get better rankings and get more traffic for it but I am not sure about something. Should I try to build the links to the home page of my blog or to the individual blog posts? Any advice or any kind of good information will be very...
  2. KeralMTG

    Where do you get blog post ideas?

    I have been trying to get some more ideas for blog posts because I have been having a harder time to come up with ideas nowadays. I have done so many different things for blog posts already that now it is getting harder to come up with new ideas. Where do you get ideas for your new blog posts?
  3. Catherine1

    Should I write all my own blog posts?

    I have been having a hard time keeping new blog posts added to my blog and I have been thinking about hiring a writer to do some of them for me but I did not know if that really mattered or not. Do you think that it is good or bad to have someone write blog posts and other content for your blog?
  4. Traveler

    How many blog posts per month?

    What do you guys think is a good amount of blog posts to make on a blog each month? I don't have a lot of time to write blog posts so I only do them when I can so what do you think would be the minimum to make and still be looking good?
  5. Lee Ann Hargrave

    Article Writing

    I write articles on any subject. I am willing to negotiate prices based on research being done or not, how fast you need the project, etc. Let's talk about it and see if we can come up with a deal! Blog comments - My base commenting fee is $0.20 per word. For 25 posts with 25 words each is $5.
  6. Kania

    Is it good to hire writers to write blog posts?

    Is it better to write your own blog posts or is it better to hire someone to write some of your blog posts? I want to have more posts but I can not write them fast so it takes long to get several done. I was thinking about hiring a freelance writer maybe and have them write some extra posts for...