Wordpress vs Joomla, which is the best?


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I would always choose WordPress over Joomla. WordPress has a lot more themes, plugins, information around the web if you need it and many other things going for it.

Joomla is not bad, but I would choose WordPress over Joomla.

Good Luck. ;)


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I have a plan to create a new website, could you tell me. What is the best platform to create ?
Wordpress or joomla?
Wordpress is much better than joomla. I have been looking at many different things with these 2 cms and wordpress has many more themes and plugins than joomla. There is also much more help to find if you need it for wordpress. Choose wordpress better than joomla.


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I agree with the others, Wordpress is the better choice between the two. There are a lot more themes, plugins, support options, abilities and other things available for Wordpress.

I am not saying that Joomla is bad, just that at this point it's probably easier, cheaper and have more option availabilities with Wordpress.

Cheers, Dean


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It depends on what you plan to do with your website.

Will it truly be a website, a blog, a eCommerce site, etc. They are both good at what they were designed to do but if given the choice I would choose neither one. Design your own site.

Are you interested in speed, security, customization, then stay away from large platforms like WordPress and Joomla. I catch a lot of flack for making statements like this but those two platforms are tremendous targets for spammers, and black hat web scrappers and the like because of their popularity. There is a reason that large sites do not use a boxed CMS platform. SECURITY and SPEED

These platforms are slow, and the more plugins you add, and there are thousands of them, the slower and more unstable they become.

They are very difficult to customize and secure and as soon as a plug in come out with at security patch to fix a hole some knucklehead finds another security breach.

Just my opinion but if you are developing a website, design it yourself. It is not that hard and you will learn a lot about how the web works while doing it.


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WordPress is preferable for beginners. However, it does not mean that WordPress is much better than Joomla, Joomla just easier to use in certain areas and it is more difficult to learn. For beginners, it may seem a confusing Joomla


Choosing WordPress or Joomla platform depends upon the requirement of the application that you wish to develop.
WordPress is primarily developed for blogging system. But you can also create eCommerce, listings and all business types of website with it. WordPress is very easy to use and beginners can easily develop applications with it.

Joomla is a great choice if you want to create a community or a network with membership area, news, articles, inputs from external authors etc. But Joomla is difficult to use because of its complexity. Beginners might find Joomla difficult as compared to WordPress.


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I would choose Wordpress over Joomla for a few reasons. There are many more Wordpress plugins, themes, means of support and a lot more information to be found to help you when you need it or have questions.

I also like Wordpress over Joomla because I have tried to use both about the same time and Wordpress was a lot easier to learn and get your site up and how you want it to be easier.


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wordpress mainly supports MySQL, whileJoomla support other systems also. Wordpress is better for blog or content driven website.


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I would recommend people start coding their own applications. Both Wordpress and Joomla continuously have security holes. If you really want to use them, make sure you have regular backups of your entire site.


Wordpress all the way! There are tons of themes and plugins compared to Joomla and the other platforms and so much info you can find if you need help. Go with Wordpress and you'll be happy you did.


Whether wordpress is better or Joomla is better depends on the kind of website. If your website is something like ecommerce store, Joomla is better because it can handle large traffic. However, if your website is a small website or moderate website (based on the traffic) wordpress is better. If you know programing, you can use Joomla to create wonderful website. However, if you do not know programing you will have to stay wih wordpress.