Why a free giveaway is essential in capturing leads?


I came across more websites and website owners offering free giveaways but with require on subscribe to their website. what was techniques behind that? I heard that it is for capture leads? how can they do?


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Plus google does not take into account in the search engine ranking the bad backlinks but only the quality backlinks,


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Free giveaways is one of the best way to drag some consumers to try their products. Lots of people wants to have a free products especially those branded ones. These free giveaways will be blast on the upcoming holidays! I can't wait to have some myself!


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Other site ofering but be careful u need to search first before go to the offer and subscribe because one day i subscribe i put my mobile no. And then every time i put a load on my mobile its missing because of the site i subsribe then i unsubscribe and i learn that u need to study first beforw subscribe to the offer of the site

Vincent Mari

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Free giveaway is needed to help a product all people wants freebies.nevertheless after you made your product sell you may stop those freebies just to capture some clients.


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Users are naturally more inclined to sign up for things if they believe they will get an added bonus. If there is a chance to win a prize simply for subscribing, many more people will be drawn to your website. Even if you only offer one prize, you will still receive plenty of added subscriptions from hopeful users.

Karl Joshua

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Free Giveaways are additional perks after one loyal member/client avail offers for the sales of the company. Sales of the company are totally based on how many customers are subscribed in their offers. Therefore to have these free giveaways guarantees continuous revenue from loyal subscribers.


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Giveaways or contests are essential in creating organic site traffic and increasing social media visibility and followers. People will not only want to connect with you in order to win the contest - but they'll also be intrigued by who you've partnered up with in terms of sponsoring it.