Which affiliate programs are good to use?


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A friend of mine and I were discussing affiliate programs.

With me being self employed Im always looking for different ways to advertise my brand

My question is multi-pronged and is for whomever would like to answer.

Which affiliate programs are good to use?

Is it a tool you will add to your current marketing strategy? Or do you replace it with something you are currently using?



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There's tons of affiliate offers out there, all programs are good, it depends on your choices, you can go with big affiliate platforms like clickbank, amazon..etc. You will select them base on points like commissions, potential sales or targeted products.

I don't recommend you go with tools to do that. A good way is build a blog for yourself, you will promote on your blog by reviews about products on articles, it will help you sell products to potential customers when they read them.

aaron kev

Try social media marketing instead of joining any affiliate if you are planing to promote your brand. It would be very helpful.


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The affiliate programs that work best for one person might not be the best for another as different people have different ways of doing things and some ways work better for one thing than another.

It's always a good idea to pick a marketing program that you are interested in or know something about, the more the better. This way it can make it easier to market as you know about or are enthusiastic about what you are marketing.

So I say find something along these lines and go from there. Plus, people usually need to try different things out to see what works for them. So start with a program that fits what I outlined above and if that doesn't work then expand from there. ;)


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It's hard to tell someone exactly which affiliate programs are good to use because there are many different things that come into play when determining this. You need to know if the person has a website or blog, what their skills and knowledge are in and other factors.

Another thing to consider is what a person considers "good". Is that based on the amount of commission that you receive for any sales, leads or whatever? Is it based on how easy it is to sell a particular product or service? There are just too many different things that would need to be known to give a good and accurate answer.

More information will generally help in getting good recommendations when someone is looking for good affiliate programs to use.

Cheers, Dean.


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There's a lot of affiliate programs out there so the best thing to do is to research the affiliate programs you can find that are selling something you want to promote. If you find one you might like then look for information on it and see if it is going to be good for you.