What's the best way to get quality traffic


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I'm tired of wasting money on advertising that doesn't work can somebody please help?
If you want to increase traffic for your site, the best ways are, using SEO, social network, article marketing, list building...etc

You should read some articles that help you increase traffic or sales for your sites


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Besides what the others have stated above, I would try an all out social media marketing campaign. Depending on what you are trying to advertise (product, content, service, etc.) I would put a good effort in marketing whatever you want people to see, buy or whatever through that channel.

I've had real good success by using social media, especially Twitter since you can market just about advertise anything there and get good results if you do it properly.


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If you are looking for quality traffic then you need to try to draw the people that are in your target audience. Some of the bet ways to do that are to advertise on websites, blogs and forums that have people that might be interested in what you are wanting to advertise.

There is also all kinds of social media marketing and promoting and there are both free and paid options depending on if you are looking to pay for the advertising/traffic. Facebook advertising works well for targeting the right people since you can setup your ads to be shown to the people that you are looking to target.