What Wordpress SEO plugins do you use?


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Hey there

what Wordpress SEO plugins are you using on your WordPress blog?

I'm using WordPress SEO by Yoast and SEO Ultimate plugin on different blogs

What about you?


I do not use any SEO plugin due to many risk. Website performance can be affected or maybe no any improvement by using this plugins.

Follow all basic requirement of search engines like adding meta-tag on pages and do not use any plugin.


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I've tried all the top SEO plugins and have gotten the best results from All in One SEO. I did some A-B-C-Etc. testing last year with some of the top choices and got the best results and best ease of use from All in One SEO.

I used Yoast on a few sites and had some issues with it in the past when looking to see if there was anything better but it was not bad either. However All in One is my top choice.


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I use all in one seo for my Wordpress sites. It's been very easy to setup and make any changes that I want to do and performs very well. It's one of the top and most downloaded seo plugins, so lots of people must agree with that.

They have very regular updates so that's a plus as well.

Cheers, Dean.