What Makes You Unique?


Well, you might already hear this question in the job interview before, but today I would like to ask this question because I want to know if people really differ from one another.I hope everyone will participate.Have a nice day!


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A friend of mine had given an advice to me regarding this question.
He said that this is a common question in job interviews and according to him, the only way to answer this question is not to answer it at all.
He said that this is not the actual question the interviewer would want to ask you. Instead, he is asking on why the company should hire you. Come to think of it, the company does not want to know your special quirks like drinking 21 shots faster than the 21 guns salute. On the way to my interview, I kept on thinking on this question and it seems like I can't really form an award winning answer for this type of question. I had made a mental note on my good qualities but when I formulate an answer, it always sound boastful and proud.
Luckily, on the actual interview, the question was not fired. The interviewer asked me straight to the point on why they should hire me. I answered him truthfully focusing on my value instead on my uniqueness with a dash of my flaws here and there. My value make me worthy of the position but I guess my flaws made me unique.


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I am unique because I have created my own distinct qualities. I would like to think that the way I handle situations differ from other people. I have own way of dealing with things which help me achieve my goals.


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Well, being just me makes me unique to others. I listen to music that few people know the song that even exist. I go to a certain place that others wouldn't noticed me I was even there. I do social media but not posting anything isn't relevant. I live but never existing to many people. I different and like it that way.


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Every individual is unique in their own ways, their talents and capabilities and our contribution in the society. I think i am unique not just in my physical attributes but also the way i think as a person, as a Psychology major, I am always curious in every individuality of a person, why people act that way or how they respond to an event or incident. Our experiences and outcomes also be conducive on how we decide and affects our views and opinions. But the most important thing is that how you accept your self just the way you are, contentment and being delicate to other people's emotion and belief and how we can communicate with other people in a congenial way is much more important than anything else and how we interact with every individual is the unique quality that differs us from one another.


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Well, what's making me unique is that I am flexible. If I am in the circle of young ones, I also put down my level to them. They love kpop stars and I do love it too still I can relate to them. If I am with older or wise man I can also share my own wisdom. If I am with liberated people, I can understand them without making a judgment. My behavior depends on whom I'm with as long as they are not doing bad things.


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I am unique because I do things that is hard for me to reach success. I workout in the morning and always find ways to earn money and help my parents I ain't a perfect son but I find ways to help.


It's hard to answer that, because we all know that our personality or attitude somehow has similarity to others. The only thing that I think unique for me is my name. I never encounter yet a person has the same name with me, although if you going to search in the internet I found some person.


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I would like to say that the thing that makes me unique is my talent in writing. I know that everyone has the skill to write. But what makes me unique is the genre that I focus into. I usually write sad stories, and sometimes I also write inspirational ones to be able to improve my skills even more. I think that is what truly makes me unique.

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I always encounter this question during the job interview and if this is a job interview, I perfectly believe that I am a unique individual and I know that I am created unique from other people because I have a different thinking as what the others think. It's really difficult to describe how different am I but if you will know me personally and knows my characteristics as a person, you will definitely say that I am a beautiful person inside. ;)


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In my own opinion "what makes me unique?" is just a simple question and requires a basic explanation. I am unique because the way I saw, deal and understand the life in this world will never occur in any of you. How I react to everything will never be your reactions, no one knows how I think until I made an action.