What is your favorite type of music?


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My favorite type of music would have to be rap because of the honesty, clever word play, and great lyrical choice. I myself also write this type of music and have found it to help me a lot in life.
How about yourself?


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I like the old school rap, I'm a child of the 80's, so metal bands, hair bands, glam rock, bluegrass and country are all the ones I like. Not to mention classic rock and roll, CCR, Zepplin, Bob Segar, all of the classics. And dare I say when I was raising my step daughter in the 90's, I actually liked some of n sync's songs, brittney spears, backstreet boys. To this day, when I hear one of them, I call my step daughter who is now 21 and give her a flashback...lol :Agx:


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I personally listen to many different types of music. However, I usually listen to a lot of rock most of the time and that's what the majority of music on my iPod is.

Second usual choice is Pop music. Country music, very, very little.
I like Classical, Rap, DJ Songs. Mind fresh and always happy for Listening songs and Sometimes you should try listen when you are sleeping in night. It's better Idea to make stressful persons.


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I don't know exactly what is the genre of some bands I listen to, but I can tell you my favorites: Placebo, Chevelle, System of a Down, Some Ill Niño songs (most of them are to heavy), 50's music, like The Platters, Everly Brothers, most of 60's music, like The Beatles (my favorite band), some Reggae.

I'me learnig french, so I've started to listen some music in french, and I discovered bands like Kyo. I love Kyo, you should try them, and some reggae from Tiken Jah Fakoly.

The music I listen to depends on the mood.


I like jazz and classical music. The classical music in particular is very soothing for the mind and body. I have always used music as a source to motivate me and empower me. Music is indeed a source so powerful that no other source may connect people as it does.


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My favorite type of music is pop and love songs. When I want to relax I used to listen to love song music and when I am driving I listen to pop music. I am also into slow rock like the music of Bon Jovi but it depends on my mood.

rey baban

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I appreciate every genre of music, but i have my top 3 genre; 3rd is R&B, second is Country music and third is Rock. My favorite band is Dream theater.


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My favorite type of music would be classical music. Aside from the complexity they way classical music are made is very interesting. I love music by Mozart and Beethoven. They are very well known composers until today because of their genius. Mozart has this amazing way of creating his harmonies with various non chord tones breaking the rules of harmonization during his time which made him some sort of a rebel but amazing and could truly be called an artist. Beethoven's work caught most of my attention simply because he is crazy. He lived his life following whatever his father wanted him to be and lacked freedom and when his father died and Ludwig began his career in composition he broke loose. He broke a lot of rules which made his music completely different from others and though different yet inspiring and amazing as it was a whole new genre that people grew to like cause of the difference. He suffered from illness at the middle of his career but he was still able to overcome all that and create great music. His music is also a depiction of how he felt during the time he was writing his music and it was very expressive. Anyway this reply is getting too long hahahahahaha point is there are many classical composers who made great music worth listening to and analyzing because of the way they wrote it and the skills and technique they used and the artistic freedom and genius the pieces depict.


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I'm an avid fan of house music. It has so many sub-genres that i like. I'm a big fan of dubstep, tech-house, progressive house, drum n' bass, deep house and even trance. At home i always play house music almost everyday. My speakers are always pumping! Good thing my neighbors are'nt complaining haha!


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Since i was a child i am a music lover till present.My type of music or Genre are rap,rock,metal,official video games soundtrack and lastly Super Robots and Super Sentai Music


I listen to music that depends on my mood.If I am happy, I love to listen to rock music and if I am in love I love listening to love songs and when I am sad I love listening to Christian songs.I love music and it's a life for me.

Kamille Ellasus

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I like Classical Instrumental music, like violin and piano. I also listen to Animes sountracks. I like Japanese beats and the words even though I cant understand what its saying. I like a band named Radwimps. From the Anime movie Kimi no Nawa (Your Name) and musics from No Game No Life and Sword Art Online.

Michelle P. Camo

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Music is my life. I really music and makes my world goes round. I love singing and listening to love song music. I'm a hopeless romantic and I really enjoy listening to sweet music.


Rock and alternatives for me. I always listening to that kind of genre every morning before I go to work to feel alive, at my playlist also most of them is rock and alternatives songs. The 90's music from the famous Seattle bands I got all my influence to play that kind of genre, and until now, I'm still listening to them.