What is the average cost for a theme?


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I want to buy a professional Wordpress theme and hire a designer to make custom designs later. How much would I have to pay for that type of service?

My question is, what is the average cost for a theme?


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The average WordPress theme costs around $47. And the designer really depends on the person doing the job. However, you can go over to freelancer and publish the job, people will bid for the job and you choose who you want to hire, as to how much to pay just look for other people's completed transactions, what they did and how much they paid. It's really easy. And always be professional while publishing gigs, be accurate with what you want after all you will be the boss otherwise you won't get the best people biding for the job.
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I would say looking at sites such as theme forest etc that the average cost for themes is around $30-40.... It all really depends on specifics such as business application, features etc so you could be paying much more...

I recommend that you check out themes whereby they have drag and drop content builders plus templates as that may meet most of your needs and thus minimizing efforts with additional contractor help for implementing further custom designs and enhancements... Check out themes such as Divi, Xtheme as well as thrive themes as they are extremely flexible...

Regarding design contractor help - that also depends on the amount of effort vs. requirements etc... I would recommend that you use an escrow service for payments to ensure fair play as well as partial payment on milestones during development so that you can keep track of what is being done through reviews as well as amending requirements which may change....

I would say for small-medium layout changes you could get a designer for around $50-100 on sites such as odesk, freelancer etc... If you can perhaps estimate the number of hours to do the work and apply around $20 per hour, noting hourly rates differ massively between countries.. If I was you I would place your statement of work and ask for quotes...

Hope that helps! Best of luck, Sid


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I think that it's better to hire a professional designer than to use the online one. There are enough job boards nowadays where you can find a lot of freelancers in need of a project to work on. There are a lot of talented freelance experts.


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Based on what I have seen around for premium Wordpress themes the going rates are between $60-$100 for a theme. There are others that cost less and some that cost more but that seems to be a general price range that you can expect to pay for a premium theme.

There are also some theme developers/sellers that have prices that cover all of their themes so you can get the price down quite a lot if you need multiple themes for one or more websites.


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When I was looking for a paid theme last year the price range that I was seeing most of the time was between $50 to $70 US. There were a few lower and higher than that but that's what I was coming across.


When I was looking for a good theme for my blog I was seeing prices that were right around $100 or a little under that for a good theme. Some places have these packages where you get unlimited amounts of their themes for one price which usually was around triple the price for 1 theme.