what are the main factors to keep in mind during website designing?


Well I'm still not yet proficient in making website, besides I"m still studying also to have a great website. but well I think the color combination first, it should be eye friendly. the fonts, and the search toolbar should be easy to find, well even it's not advisable because much better for the viewers to keep looking manually to your website so they can stay there for long time.


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I can suggest that simple and clean designs on websites are uniform to all visitors because the only thing that they want is your good content but if it is not clear to eyes, that could bring problems. Just focus on color adjustment for text to become readable and make designs that is relevant to your content.


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First of, you need a website that has great color combination and which is soothing to the eye. Make it attractive by creating images suitable for the specialty of you website. The font would need to be easy to read as well. Include Social Media site links that can make your custoers follow you to increase traffic on your websites and social media accounts.
The header of you website should make a good impact like a visual impact to your audience as well. Make it fun, professional and interesting.