Was your website mobile device friendly?

More and more people today are accessing websites from different mobile devices. Was your website mobile device friendly or are you still using desktop version for all devices?

How does it help improve user experience and SEO ranking?


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You are very right. A lot of people are conducting business online using their mobile phones and other devices.

Business has been much better recently for me after I had my website re-designed with mobile phone and Live Chat features added. I think I did not waste my money with this and my website was in responsive design.

Abigail Janssen

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As we all know ,Most of the people these days are browsing internet with the help of Smart phones .Therefore,by designing mobile-friendly website for a business will help website visitors to easlily navigate through our website without any trouble .


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I made the switch to mobile friendly themes and setups a while back when Google decided to make it a ranking factor. Google has decided to give the mobile friendly sites a rankings boost in mobile results if they are mobile friendly, so now this is a priority for most website and blog owners.

Since I have many that are WordPress websites just switching to a theme that was mobile friendly was all that was needed. The ones that I didn't want to change the theme on I just added a mobile version of the site.

Google dictates a lot of the changes that webmasters have to deal with so making the change to a mobile friendly version of websites is no longer an option but a requirement if you want to keep your site as high up their rankings as possible. ;)


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I have had most of my sites setup to be mobile friendly since around the end of 2014 or around there. I did it to help with mobile traffic which I had started to see a big boost in at the time.

Then when Google decided to give rankings boosts in mobile searches for sites that were deemed to be mobile friendly by them I made sure all my sites were mobile friendly.

Google likes to dictate what they want and they want mobile friendly sites so now everyone seems to make it a priority.

Cheers, Dean.


Mine are in progress but right now is designed for desktop. However it still looks good in a mobile device, except the font size and the formatting could be better.

Scott C Baxter

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I never consider building or expanding any venture without making sure the site is mobile friendly. Matt Cutts said it the best when he said search rankings are weighted with websites who are not only mobile responsive, but who offer the same experience if not better than if visitors were surfing the same on a destop.

You should always look to the future which will help you maintain what you have not only today, but years down the road.