Should we target a specific country?


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I was wondering if there would be more success with our marketing if we just target 1 specific country instead of many or the whole world. This way we could concentrate our efforts.

Is this a good idea or a bad one?



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It depends on you. If your products and services are for a specific country than you should go with it. However if your products and services are for global audiences than it might be a better option for target it globally.


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I agree with vishwa and I would target a specific country if the things you are marketing are country specific.

If whatever you are marketing isn't specific to a certain country then I wouldn't do that because that would only hurt your sales and/or conversions.

Are you marketing something that would really only sell and/or convert or be needed/wanted in a particular country?


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Only target a specific country if you are selling something that is only good there. If you do that and what you are marketing is good other places then you will not have the best success that you can.


Never target just 1 country unless it is absolutely needed. You will miss out on millions of potential clients or customers.

Ellen F

I think that targeting for internet marketing would be the same or similar to traditional marketing in that you should target where you potential clients/customers are.

If that means targeting a specific country or countries then you should do it if that's where they would be. If they are not in any specific GEO then I would not target just one or 2 countries.


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Are you meaning in general or for a specific product or service you are marketing?


To me it seems like if you were targeting just 1 specific country then that would just limit your potential revenue.

Maybe if you had something to market that was specific to a certain group of people that were in just 1 country but unless it was something like that I think it is just going to hurt your bottom line.

Maria Marketing

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I read that targeting a specific country instead of targeting the whole world can be helpful for seo because if you are only targeting a specific country then you will not have to compete with everyone everywhere.

I don't know that much about seo but maybe you can search for more information about that.


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Not a good Idea, you better choose to target all over the world, because if you choose one country only what about the people of that country which is in abroad? you will never reach them on that way.


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Regardless of the product. I think its more safe to do specific marketing first, that way you will have lesser risks and avoid occurring more costs. Marketing globally would take more time, after all different countries have different preferences (depends on the product you are marketing) and would cost more. From specific location to global I think is more practical, Globally is expose to much risk.


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In general, it is not advisable to limit your prospective consumers because it could mean limiting your income too. It's like you're building your own wall between you and the customers and that's not something a good businessman will do. Why target a smaller market when you can have a larger one? More people, more opportunities, more profit. I recommend you to make your own survey and study to know what is more profitable, favorable and effective for your business. Choosing your market is hard to decide with because this will determine the growth of your business.

Carlos Kerika

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In my opinion, targetting a specific country is better because what you will have done is target a specific audience hence your marketting will be much easier because you will easily know your target. The only disadvantage will be when you choose the wrong country, definitely it will cost you bigtime.


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My strategy is to target one country, if I am paying for my ads. When I can get one country to work, I then scale what is working to other countries. That is the strategy I use for paid advertising. Now, if I am building a website well my target is global, no need to restrict myself to one country.


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That is a good idea if you really think that the product concerns only that specific country. It would be better if you introduce your product all throughout the world. Maybe targeting a specific age or market of people will be a lot better than focusing in one country. In this way, product will be easily distributed in every country and who knows country business leader will knock on your door saying " I want your product." Nice right? it will be easy for you to get in on every country you want your business to concur.