Selling Shopify/Ecom Services


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BannersLanders provides E-commerce services.

You don't need to worry no more, we will create a complete Shopify Store for you!

-Complete Ready to Go Shopify Store Service is only $600. (Titles & Descriptions Not Included)

-We can write unique titles/descriptions for your products for only $0.05 cents per word.

-We can add new products you want to test for only $5

-We can organize your existing products into collections and categories for only $2 per product

-We can create custom newsletters every week, every month, on special holidays, for special events to get you more ‘backend’ sales starting at $50 per newsletter including the copy.

-We can create a custom maintenance package to suit your needs, priced so well you won’t ever bother wasting your time on these mundane, boring tasks.

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