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We will have worth rewards for active members who will contribute good posts for our online advertising forum

Details as following:

- You will receive a Web Hosting Plan / $15 / 1 month
- 1 domain / 1 year

Simple condition to obtain this reward is you will need to have 90 useful posts on forum each month.

Your rewards, I will buy from one of hosting providers at Web Hosting Offers section on our forum.

If you want to continue having this reward for next months, you will need to keep on posting for next months with the same amount of posts as mentioned above.

Please follow this thread because I will update additional rewards into exited reward :thumb:

To have this reward, PM me to confirm you are starting the process.

Thanks all you!
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I like your style, pretty nifty reward you have there. And hey, thanks for telling all about this forum.
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