Responsive Wordpress Theme Frameworks?


Which ones do people use and which ones would you recommend?

If I am happy to code, should I go with BootStrap or Foundation?

Any options for drag and drop? your suggestions?


almost every latest framework now days is mobile responsive ...if you to have a solid one then go for the underscores which is developed by the same team behind WordPress. However I prefer to use bootstrap as I the built in classes of bootstrap framework much easier to build it from scratch. The foundation framework I used was foundation press however it has limited support and its menu is difficult to manipulate. So verdict is bootstrap :)


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I have worked with Headway and Genesis before. You could look into them.


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Although I do not speak from experience, I do see Bootstrap being the framework that most of the top theme developers use. While I am not sure exactly why that is, it must be for a very good reason. I have heard that it is one of the easiest frameworks to learn and use, but again I don't know from experience but only from what I have seen.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Dean


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Genesis and Thesis are one of the best and most secure WordPress theme frameworks and are also very flexible and expandable. You can able to edit their hooks to modify your existing themes. However you can also create child theme with your own style and css.

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I recommend this WordPress theme framework "TemplateToaster".

TemplateToaster is a powerful theme generator, used for designing themes and templates for five major content management systems, including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Prestashop. Add to this, it is also used for creating Blogger templates.

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