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This is the one thing connected with computers that I havent ever tried working...I know some people that work in programming and they say that it is a good way to earn nice amounts of money..Now I dont know if it is worth it to start and learn everything from scratch about programming and is it all worth it..?
I am willing to work and I almost tried everything that I could do...But I am searching for something long term so that I dont have to jump from job to job...If someone has any advice on anything worth learning from the start let me know..I just want to find some job that is good (dont need to make millions)...Can someone help me??


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To be honest, If you are looking to earn money for the long term. I would suggest looking at the possibility of going or returning to college or university to build your carrier in programming if that is something you want to do and know that your are passionate about it.

You can learn it on your own, but the problem will be what to do with that knowledge without any certification when applying for a job?

Would your end goal be to run a business programming?

If it is to run your own business, keep in mind that you will need to be a very good programmer and I would highly recommend getting proper training by a school regardless (personal opinion).

One major mistake (i.e. huge security hole requiring a full re-write) can take you out of business overnight. I have seen multiple software companies go down due to this. They work hard and build a piece of software that gains traction, once the software gains traction individuals begin to attempt to exploit. They find a severe exploit, release it to the public, and software company comes to realize that in order to fix it, an almost full re-write is required due to the poor coding. Resources aren't there to do such so they drop support for the software and lose their clientele.

This is not to scare nor to say this is a common mistake or that you will do it yourself but to understand that it is very important to know and learn the basics properly.

There is good money to made from it. I know programmers making between $70K - $100K+ a year working for corporations creating in house software & reports. They love what they do and they are very very good.

Technology is always changing and programmers will always be needed until a super computer can create software based on what we tell them verbally.

"You want a solid foundation for anything you want to do. How you build the rest is up to your imagination, knowledge, and your strive." - hostlumina ;)
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Wow...I really didnt expect such a good advice... :)
Yes programming is something that interests me and I think I would be good at it..I saw a university in my city that has a good program with includes me to study and pass al the exams but also work 80% of time in a programming company here in my city...And after the end of university the company will give you opportunity to work for them..And they pay your school for the whole 4 years..But only 10 people get that and there are already over 1000 that applied...I think about trying that because I think its really good to go to school and have practise directly in a company that is all about programming..
The funny thing is that I heard this over the radio in my car just at the moment where I was trying to figure out what to do with my life.. :D


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That is great opportunity.

If it is what you want to do (by the sounds of it it is). You have absolutely nothing to lose but to gain 2 things if you apply regardless the odds.

1 - You make!!! :Thumb:
2 - Zero regrets and you gain whatever experience through it's process. :D