Please reviewing my freelance writing blog

Hey, everyone..!

I recently create a new blog for freelance project. It's just only a month age domain and fresh new blog.

I'd admit that it isn't an completely created blog, but I have no idea to improve it. I'd to hear about what your recommendation of my new blog..

here it is,

Please give some advice such as..

1. Friendly designing...

2. Loading speed..

3. Conversion of the page...

4. Opted-in tips for best practices, and any suggest you lvoe..



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Your site having some errors view this (validator(dot) use . for (dot)
Your website is too slow taking time to load you can check (website monitoring tool)


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Site is solid, loads super fast for me, and it's easy to read.

2 things I noticed.

- Under your services offered you have Google ads... When I put myself on the shoes of a customer and I am visiting a business site for a service or product and I see ads. I run far far way, it never gives a good vibe visiting a business site with Google ads as it can give the wrong impression in regards the overall business state (i.e. not enough business, trying to monetize on everything including just traffic in hopes of a click for a few cents from potential customer, etc...).

I fully understand wanting to generate revenues from different aspects, but imaging going to a shoe store, and been slammed by the sales personnel for other unrelated services or product for a commission even if just browsing their shoe selection.

- Small but it annoys me that sites overlook (personal opinion). In your contact us page, if the mouse cursor is over the maps and you scroll down or up to read further details. the map zooms in or out instead.