Please review my PhonesOk website


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Can you have a look on my site and give me any feedbacks about it

I would like to know your opinion on Logo, Colours and Layouts

what I should improve for my site?

Thanks in advanced!


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I like your logo, it's awesome

Overall is good, just improve some colors, make them stronger

Just my 2 cents!


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I think that your logo, and overall design are very good! The site is easy to navigate, not at all confusing. I'm personally not a fan of the orange/blue/green color scheme though. I would suggest possibly making the background blue or green instead of the white. Otherwise it looks very good, you did a great job!


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When I checked your website, I would rate it with a B+ , its kinda plain... I suggest that you play or explore new colors. Its somehow boring to look at, just my opinion, maybe because I'm a girl? :Boff:
Actually, I am not a techie person as well, so somehow I don't understand what your site is all about. Maybe put a brief story / intro at the header? Maybe this is applicable to persons like me.

Just my opinion. Hope this somehow helps. :Agx: