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Hi guys, can you please take a look at our site and let us know what do you think about the site design, layout, navigation, speed time at your end and of course how do you like our service? Basically you can get automated backlinks, submit your webpages/site in many search engines and ping sites with a single click.

I am waiting to hear your reviews. Thanks in advance.


Ok. We have numerous similar websites for this service. The design is pretty simple, but we do not require any customized designs for this service. Overall the website looks good, the loading time is fine for me and the navigation is not much of use as the website do not require additional pages.


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Hi guys, I just checked your site and so far it was loading fast. Then with navigation, I think its just fine... Although i am not a techie person, I think your site is very helpful to those who knows SEO. Your site looks quite complicated, maybe because its all jargon for me. hehe. Anyhow, for me the design lacks color, its too plain for me. I know your site seems technical but sometimes a good design / template can add potential customers. :DD: