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So essentially, I would like to do a few things with this.
1. I would like to put the User CP, Mod CP, and Admin CP all to the right of that bar, and if you aren't mod or admin, I want the User CP to be the last option, and if you are mod but not admin, I want it to go User CP, than Mod CP, and so on for Admin CP. How would I do this?
2. How can I make it so that I move these options to the right so that I can have that empty space in the middle?


The site URL is if that is any help.


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Search for navigation template on your forum and find

<ul id="menu">

Adding a <ul> with class like

<ul class="uright_items">
for example:

ul.uright_items li a{
//make styles for items here.

Adding User CP, User CP, Mod CP or something you want to it

Of course you will have space between menu left and right on your forum.

You can see menu of for references.

I only show you ways to do because I have not used Mybb before but it's a not problem, you can make style for it, just looking into codes.