Myths and legends of RTB

Myths and legends of RTB

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    Every tool of promotion or advertising network has its myths, something turns out to be true, but something is blatant lie. In this article we will tell about all the legends that accompany the instrument.

    For today much has been written about RTB advertising technologies. So much, that due to the polar opinions an ambiguous impression was created in the minds of advertisers.

    Let's look at the 3 most common myths about RTB technologies and explain what can and what can not be achieved using this protocol. So, let's begin:

    Myth number 1: RTB market contains low quality traffic

    There are times when advertising agencies deliberately distort the real statistics of RTB tool efficiency for advertisers. Such falsification is achieved by "conglutination" of campaigns with automated robots.

    However, most of the SSP and DSP block such methods of work, because it does not improve the client's performance, and therefore makes it impossible to build long-term relationships with them.

    That is why the poor quality of the traffic is not to advantage of anyone, and most of the players in the market work on its complete exclusion.

    Fact: Advertising of world's largest publishers works on RTB model.

    RTB model is one of the most important types of online advertising and tools for strategic business development. For example, such major brands as Mars, L'oreal, Hasbro actively promote their brands via RTB protocol.

    It should also be noted that to date, the size of the audiences of the largest Internet resources is comparable with the audience provided by RTB.

    Myth number 2: RTB ads get low placement position

    This statement is clearly a myth. Let's look at a standard model of advertising auction in real time.

    Every single ad impression is made in the form of the lot prescribed in detail, which is put up for auction and sold for a fraction of a second, while the page is loaded. Due to RTB ecosystem targeting is done on a scale of not one but several sites, which significantly increases the coverage of the audience.

    All this encourages advertisers to use RTB tool in conducting their campaigns, purchasing it from advertising exchanges and SSP. As a result, premium seats on these platforms are provided for RTB ads.

    Fact: In fact, more and more sites are connected and sell data on RTB model and give the most premium places on the sites (digital market has grown by 40% over the last "crisis" year).

    Myth number 3: Start with RTB requires large budgets

    Perhaps this is the most common misconception, which has nothing to do with the actual realities of the market. Today RTB became available not only to premium brands, but also to small and medium-sized businesses. It depends on several factors: the value of the audience, the specifics of the advertised services, the selected data provider.

    For example, with a budget of 1.5 thousand dollars for 1 month you can test multiple platforms with different clicks cost, determining the best option for the client.

    Sometimes we agree on the very short-term tests, if the offer is interesting. These tests can take up to 2 weeks and cost up to 700 dollars.

    Each case is different, and the conditions can be flexible.


    Despite the growth of myths around the auction of advertising in real-time, RTB is the best way to buy targeted traffic at a good value at premium placements. But RTB should not be taken as a panacea for instant growth of sales. It's really an effective and innovative tool to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty in the long run!

    Your comments and questions are welcomed.
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    I do believe RTB is a effective way to get targeted traffic/audience.