Making Twitter Effective For Marketing

David Ewen

Facebook cannot be the only social media businesses use to communicate with consumers. Twitter's design has to do with connecting people to others that they do not know. Ergo, the Hashtag feature. The hashtag's design involves relating posts to trending topics. Businesses can identify high volume trending topics with to put their posts in the path of higher traffic. That alone will not suffice getting followers. Often businesses take advantage of Tweet Deck to schedule posts with pictures at opportune times with the scheduling feature. Tweet Deck’s scheduling feature allows businesses to enter posts with pictures at any day and time in the future with no limitations. Other advance promotion options to increase post visibility involve Ads by Twitter that involves a financial cost.

In addition to Tweet Deck and Ads by Twitter, businesses connect with consumers by connecting with others by re-tweeting other posts, following other accounts, and sharing common hashtags in posts. A constant stream of communication builds followers on Twitter through a variety of means that primary captures through posting to common hashtags and re-tweeting. The content generated on Twitter must also have relevancy to others. Pictures must compliment posts for more effectiveness. Text alone tends to have significantly less results than posts that have pictures. Combining post with pictures using highly effective hashtags identified through results in greater Twitter activity. Tweet Deck offers an increased level of activity by automating the scheduling of posts for easier distribution of content over a stretch of time. Other apps available online use Twitter effectively for business to reach consumers. Hoot Suite similar to Tweet Deck, reaches out to consumers on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter at the same time.

Because Twitter represents a micro-blog, many website developers use Twitter as a blog. Updates by cellphone to Twitter satisfy easy content development for the blog. A tab on the website labelled BLOG routes directly to the Twitter feed. Because of simple cellphone updates through a blog, the Twitter feed remains up to date with current information. The feed also contains content generated through Tweet Deck allowing for planning blog posts. As a blog and tab on a website, Twitter serves as a news stream of information that includes information updated by cellphone, posted automatically by Tweet Deck, and contains pictures for increased content interest.
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