Selling List Management Tools & Data


Holiday Special...Save 50%-80%

I have the following custom built list management tools available.

* List Manager (can easily handle lists in the 100's of millions)
* Address Verifier (doesn't work with yahoo)
* Yahoo Verifier
* Domain Verifier
* IP to Location Appender
appends country, state, city (if missing) to records from IP and separates records based on US, CA, UK, AU, NL and other

PM for details and special price.

All software is windows based.

Address verifier and yahoo verifier have a windows interface and use a custom python script, that you can install on unlimited cheap VPS's and use the IPs to verify with.

Can modify or add most any custom feature (inexpensively) to suit your needs.

* I also have massive amounts of legacy data available - super cheap bulk special rates.