Is advertising in online magazines an effective way in promoting your business?


I was just searching the net and I came upon this article about online magazines. I know their is such a thing as online news papers but not online magazines. While I was reading the post it was saying something about advertising in this type of media.
Anyways, are this type of advertising medium more effective in increasing traffic and sales? Do you know any websites having this type of set up?
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There are online magazines, it has the same results as a online news probably less because you actually need to be subscribed to the magazine in order to see online ver of it. Its definitely around gamestop does it with their gameinformer, coldwell banker real estate, & there are other names out there that do it as well. Even on the samsung galaxy s5 they have a widget called my magazines so you can keep all your online magazines you read in one place & be notified on new issues.


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I was talking to a friend about this recently and he does real well in using online magazines for advertising and promoting. He has a tech related site and uses online tech magazine for part of his promotion efforts.

I have been wanting to look into doing this for some of my sites since this would be a highly targeted audience since the viewers are interested in the niche anyway and these types of sites are usually updated quite regularly.

These might be a good source of traffic and sales if you find one that is in the same niche as what you are promoting. I'll probably be trying this out, at least to try it, at some point when I get the time to find some good online magazines related to the niche I want to promote.

Cheers, Dean.

david smith

Advertising online is effective as the medium is effective in reaching the target audience. If one advertises in an online magazine, it would be effective only if the magazine has a good reach and brings targeted traffic. If an online magazine is successful in getting targeted traffic, then it is effective.