Selling Introduction to JavaScript - Just Completed


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I have just added a 4 hour video course on "A Beginners Guide to JavaScript". I have had a lot of request for this course from my user base. This course covers the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming language and walks you through all the core concepts of programming in JavaScript. There is a complete chapter listing of all that is covered and wraps up with 2 projects in JavaScript to reinforce what was learned during the training.

I have this priced at an introductory price of $15.00. This is a limited time offer.

Introduction to JavaScript

If you have any questions or comments you can PM on the forum or email me through the website.
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Thanks for sharing great tutorials about javascript. I have less experience about JS.

I will check it out

Just noticing a small issue on your page, its showing error on style and you may need to fix this.



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I am glad that you are checking out the tutorials. They will definitely help you get started with learning web development and I stay engaged with all my students so that as they learn, they learn the right way.

What you saw on the site, I was working on some of the CSS and you might have caught it just as I was changing the files.

Sorry about that, everything is fine now.

Thanks for pointing it out.