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Forum guidelines, please read before posting!

Here at Internet Marketing Star, we have laid down rules to guide forum behavior and the specific responsibilities of participating members of the board at and to ensure harmony and promote the idea of fair play and interaction. Please read and follow these rules carefully. To ensure a free and fair forum where the flow of ideas is unhampered, violations would result in a user warning or ban and offending posts modified or deleted.

Rules of engagement

Acceptable behavior
• Language of conversations, posts and threads: English.
• Before you post a new thread, use the search toolbar to find related topics. If the topic or a closely related thread already exists you can continue posting on it.
• When you're posting a new thread/post please do it in the most relevant category/sub-category of the forum.
• Before posting on a thread read through the related posts and replies not just the title.
• Post relevant material. Your post/reply should related to and contribute to the conversation. A reader should be able to gain new information from your post that is not already in the thread.
• We appreciate individuality and respect your right to either agree or disagree with subject matter in a post as long as it's in a proper manner and not being rude, mean or insulting. We do require that your response is an expression of you views and should add value to the discussion not just saying you agree or disagree.
• A little appreciation goes a long way. If you find the subject mater of a members post or thread valuable, let them know by using the like or thank icons.

Unacceptable behavior
• All users are required to use an avatar. This can be a stock avatar or one of your own uploaded images.
• Do not post low quality material and/or irrelevant content that isn't related to the topic of the thread.
• Do not repeat a question or any information from previous posts.
• Do not spam other members through the messaging system or otherwise.
• Do not advertise, publicize, link, or promote other marketing forums, including in signatures.
• With the Exception of Special Offers and Marketplace, Do not copy or post content found on other sources such as websites, blogs or forums. It is considered plagiarized content and we will act to remove it immediately. (This includes duplicate posts made by you on other websites or forums)
• Avoid repetitive content in the same post. Do not be dull and bland. Avoid repetitive use of phrases such as "Thank You", "Thanks For Useful Information", "Great Post, Thank You", "I agree with you", "Nice Article" to every person who answers your question or to every post you find useful.
• Posts containing repetitive use of the word "Thank You" will be deleted without reporting and the member's account may be put under review for further action.
• Play fair. Don't post content promoting your site, services, article, video, post, etc. in threads. We do not allow self-promotion. Your signature may be used for this purpose as long as it follows the signature rules below and the other rules of the forum.
• Do not post links to websites or blogs that are full of affiliate or other advertisements.
• Any link may be removed by the staff for any reason at their discretion.
• Educational videos that can be useful to other members and without advertising may be allowed, contact the staff for more information and complete requirements before posting.
• Do not create empty posts. If you are going to create a link to an article for example, give a quick summary then link it to the relevant topic or article.
• While we allow you to promote your own content in your signature ,you are required to wait for a probation period in which time you will be expected to have contributed significantly useful content to the forum.
• We are not a porn site, so we do not allow adult content. Posts which contain adult, mature content or pornography, will be removed and the account put under review.
• We respect the nationality, race, gender, orientation and religious beliefs of all our forum members. We will not tolerate personal attacks or anything else that could cause offence to a forum member.
• Do not plagiarize content. Members are asked to respect the copyrights of other users, posts, sites, media, etc.
• Do NOT use HTML code in your posts.
• While it is tempting to open multiple accounts and post under various aliases or names, kindly refrain from doing so. Multiple accounts found to be owned by a single user will result in all accounts a member uses to be banned.
• Do not hijack a member's thread/topic. This includes (but not limited to) purposely changing the subject, posting in someone's sales thread to offer your products or services such as advertising your own content, offers, etc.
• Do not conduct illegal activities in the forum. This includes posting links to hacked copies of software and so on.
• Do not post drug, violence or other similar content.
• We reserve to right to edit or delete any post, comment, signature or otherwise that violates any guideline or we feel is not in the best interest of this website and it's staff or members.

• Signatures are available for all members on the forum provided that all signature rules and the rules of the forum are followed.
• External content from social media sites are not allowed with the exception of links to your Business Website, Facebook page, Twitter Page, Google+, Linked-in or Pinterest Page.
• A maximum of 2 links are allowed per signature.
• A maximum of 3 lines are allowed per signature including blank lines.
• Only text is allowed in signatures, no images or symbols are allowed.
• AGAIN Adult content is not allowed.
• Text size of signatures must be the forum default size.
• Signatures must be in the default font color grey, black or blue.
• Highlighting using the COLOR RED is a feature reserved only for premium members and staff.
• Signatures are reviewed to see that all signature and forum rules are followed. If it violates any of the forum rules we will remove the signature without report.
• Users who frequently abuse these rules will be warned, infractions given or banned.

• All members are required to use an avatar. (This helps the forum look more personal and professional.)
• Users must upload an avatar of their own. Please do not use adult, tasteless, offensive or unappropriate images.
• User defined avatars should be no larger than 130 pixels by 130 pixels.
• User avatars should not attempt to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of team members or so on).
• User avatars may not exceed 300KB in file size.
• Avatars are subject to the same rules conditions as posts and the avatar rules as well.
• Avatars can be made using a Personal Photo, Business Logo, Facebook or Google+ Profile Picture.
• Images that are similar to offensive material in regards to Race, any Abusive behavior (e.g. animal cruelty) or Adult Pictures will be deleted and the account put up for review.
• Users who abuse these rules will be warned and/or may lose their avatar privileges.

Q: Why have some of the words in my post been removed?
A: Certain words may have been removed by the administrator. If your post or thread contains
any censored words and/or links that aren't allowed they will be blanked-out, removed or deleted.

Q: Why have my links been removed from my post?
A: If links violate one of our rules then they may be deleted or removed. Please read and follow the forum rules and guidelines carefully.

Q: Why I have got warning/infractions/banned?
A: This could be because you have repeatedly violated and not followed the rules of the Internet Marketing Star Forum.

If you are not sure if something violates a rule of the Internet Marketing Star Forum you may message a staff member and ask them for help.

We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice.
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