Instagram Stories for business. How to use the new features?

Instagram Stories for business. How to use the new features?

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    On August 2, Instagram released a new format of communication - Instagram Stories. While users are cautiously beginning to develop stories, brands and bloggers are already trying this way of communicating with subscribers. What is so attractive about Instagram Stories for business?

    Instagram Stories: Available storytelling

    Storytelling as a way to increase customer loyalty and increase sales, which for a long time seemed to be an appealing, but practically inaccessible tool for small and medium businesses. The new concept of posts and placement of Instagram Stories makes storytelling available to any brand.

    Use photos without professional processing

    Instagram calls Stories a solution, designed to return the social network to its original purpose - to show life as it is. Classical news list has long become the repository of the best, "styryl" photos, but Stories is focused on quick photos with minimal processing and transfer of the "moment."

    All you need to tell the story, is to be in Instagram

    To tell stories you can use photos, videos taken now or in the past 24 hours, a number of standard filters, text, emoji, markers, video from Boomerang or accelerated video. All tools are available on your smartphone and allow you to create a visual story that will perfectly fit in the social network environment.

    Your story is available to all subscribers

    After the publication of the story, it automatically appears in the news list of your subscribers, if you did not put a limit on it. So, after the creation of the stories, you already have an excellent channel of distribution.

    Your story automatically enters the top of the news list, so the update will not be lost in user posts.

    You never know what awaits you behind the icon of the story

    There is no preview function for the stories in Instagram, the user will have to click on the icon to find out what materials are hidden behind it. It involves the subscribers into the game to know what the brand will tell them today.

    The story lives only for 24 hours

    Time restrictions encourage users to open stories and give brands the right to make a mistake.

    Features of Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories interface can not be called intuitive, many features are hidden behind the swipe, and adjunction of additional slides occurs only after leaving the story screen. We'll go over the most important points:

    It is possible to get to the screen of the story, swiping the screen of the news list to the right, or by clicking on the story icon at the top of the screen.

    After opening the camera you can take a photo or short video (holding the white circle), to download the ready images, swipe down.

    After selecting pictures, overlaying of the filters comes with swiping to the left. Here you can post a photo, save it, add a picture with markers, text or emoji.

    To make multiple slides or video fragments, you must click on the Publish button, and then again click on the icon of the story in the news list and publish a new element. Each subsequent slide is added to your story.

    Instagram Stories for Business: strategies and examples of use

    New blog format allows brands to interact differently with users, making communication more personal. Several ways to tell a story:

    1. Advertising of new products

    The simplest thing you can do is to show the new product with the help of the story, which is now especially important when people have not had time to get used to the brands icons in the header of the news list.

    2. The authenticity, what is behind the creation of the product

    When after the beautiful pictures of the final product there is an interesting, nice and impressive story, it inspires users to purchase.

    3. Customer Stories, interviews

    The new format allows you to quickly and easily attract users to create content. Ask the opinion leaders to record some video for you and tell your client's stories to other users.

    4. The call to participate in the campaign or contest

    Stories are perfect to talk about a new contest or promotion. In a few slides, you can fit the rules and call to action.

    5. Everyday tips

    Instagram Stories can be used for a separate daily column, where the company will show how to use thie product, give advice, or inspire users.

    6. Mini-series

    Easy format of the stories allows you to create simple scenes, which do not require significant financial costs, that will hold the user's attention.

    7. Quests and tips

    Tips that disappear after 24 hours is an intriguing part of the competition or the quest.

    By experimenting with a new format in the Instagram, you'll find what causes the greatest response in your audience and increases its loyalty.