Independent affiliate programs vs. Affiliate networks


Are independent affiliate programs good or is it better to use the big affiliate networks as far as commission amounts?

I see that some advertisers I am using have their own affiliate programs on their sites but are also on CJ Affiliate or Shareasale. Is one better or have better commission amounts?


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The ones of these that I have checked seem to have the same commission amounts in their own affiliate programs as the affiliate network websites.

I like to use the affiliate network sites because it can be much easier to reach payout amounts if you have sales commissions coming from multiple advertisers instead of just one advertiser.


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I tend to look at many things when I decide if I want to go with an affiliate network or an independent affiliate program with an advertiser.

I look at the payout amounts and if there is any difference, how likely reaching the payout amounts is done easily and how often it might be reached and some other factors depending on the program and products.

Usually I prefer to use affiliate networks because it's also easier to keep track of earnings and getting performance reports but it can come down to just each persons personal preference.


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As far as commission amounts, as you asked, I have found that it varies from advertiser to advertiser. I use some that pay more with their in-house affiliate programs, some that pay the same as on the affiliate networks they use and even found some that pay more on the affiliate networks than in their own in-house affiliate programs.

It just depends on the advertiser so I would recommend that you just look into each one and go from there because it is not something that is the same with all advertisers.


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I have seen that they are similar at both. I like the affiliate networks better because it is easier to keep track of all my sales and commissions. Having less places to check and log in to get information makes it take less time and I like that.


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The few that I have compared were the same. I like the affiliate networks better because it makes it easier to reach the limits to get paid.


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I think the commission amounts are similar so I like the affiliate network websites better because it is easier for me to keep track of all the things I must. If I was using a lot of affiliate programs that are separate then it would take more time to keep up with everything.

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I like the affiliate networks because they are so much more convenient and easier to keep up with everything. Having a lot of advertisers in one places makes it easier to keep an eye on what is happening or not happening than having to log in and out of a lot of separate affiliate programs.


I like the affiliate networks for many things but some of the advertisers in my niche are not on the affiliate networks and just have their own affiliate programs.

It is kind of time consuming to have to log into multiple places to check on things but until some of the advertisers I like to use go onto the affiliate networks I have to use both.