HTML5 Or Older?


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Which HTML version do you prefer? I tend to use HTML5 in my classes. I don't really use any of the added tags that make it easier. I only use it because the beginning tags are easier to remember:
<!DOCTYPE html>
Simple :)


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Prefer HTML5 due to its cleaner code , video and audio support you can even develop games with it and HTML5 support mobile as well.

You're right about all of those, and it does have some cleaner code and it's easier to read. I just don't use all the tags very much. And yup, you can develop games with it :)


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I really dont see much difference between HTML 4 and 5... There are some cool stuff brought in such as new controls, attributes and elements as well as some deprecated ones from previous versions... But at the end of the day the HTML markup i.e. <html><head></head>...<body></body> ... Is the same as it was then as it is now .... In otherwords there isn't a radical difference...

If you're looking to do some seriously cool stuff then I recommend that you get into Javascript, Ajax, Jquery and in particular the new kid on the block -- AngularJS which in my opinion is winning hands down... I'm hearing a lot of good things about AngularJS and intend looking into it in the near future for future development projects;-)


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HTML5? I haven't tried that yet, I still use the basic HTML when building webpages. But if you guys think it's good, then maybe I'll check it out. I like the clean, simple, and easy to understand code, that looks good too. Thanks for the tip....should be interesting to check out.
There is a lot to HTML5. Cool features aside like the video stuff, HTML5 is designed to allow you to create a website with semantic markup to assist search engines and screen readers to make sense of your site. If you are not writing semantic code, you are missing on the real reason HTML5 came it existence in the first place. The Sections, Articles, Asides and more have important meaning to search engines and screen readers.