How to make money with a blog for beginners

How to make money with a blog for beginners

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by robertdn, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Some niches are having more opportunities and different techniques available to develop them. Some are easier to drive traffic and some not so.
    Once your blog is getting really good traffic have to monetize. Then I can show you some methods to generate income.

    1 - Affiliate marketing
    The fact of promoting the products or services of others and receive a commission in return. The affiliate sales could include a flat rate to generate a good residual monthly income.
    The possibilities ranges can generate income as affiliates is less than a dollar to $ 10,000. for sale. And potential profitability depends on your niche.

    2 - Banner Ads
    The advertising banners through affiliate marketers or publishers actual product that guarantees a monthly income. Many put a contract in place or space blob through a banner.
    If you own a blog senior, other sellers come to you independently wanting to advertise on your site.

    3 - Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
    The PPC is an advertising component that generates revenue. Google is the largest provider of PPC. Google pays the blog owner when someone clicks on the ad placed in that blog.

    4 - Advertising CPM
    The CPM is an advertising model based on printing. The cost per 1000 impressions. An impression is counted each time the ad is seen or displayed.

    5 - A Membership site
    Creating sites are a growing trend in the internet marketing industry today. If you provide quality content to your visitors may find some willing to pay for it.

    6 - The Consulting and Training
    If you feel comfortable in the knowledge of your particular market niche, you can offer training to another person who is interested in learning more about your market.

    7 - Sell your own product
    Write ebook and sell it on your blog. It is one of popular ways to generate income of internet marketers today.

    Hopefully you got basic concepts of making money online from blog.
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    The first point is working for me, I am trying to promote on my blog with affiliate programs and getting good revenue with it.

    Building a blog with decent traffic is a difficult task but when you have good traffic with it, I am sure you can not stop from earning more money with it.

    Alternatives, sell banner ads, your products or a member ship site are also good ways to increase revenue from the blog.