How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Your Business


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Facebook allows your create more many pages with a profile ID, on Facebook you can see some pages with more fans, more with less. Have you ever thought how to increase Facebook page likes for your business??

Fans will always be attracted to quality content and information relevant to them. But the audience growth is not enough to guarantee your success. For outstanding results, you also need a good interaction with the audience made. But how do you know if you have enough interaction with fans on your page?

In previous years, Facebook introduced the term EdgeRank, an algorithm that determines what appears in any of a user's News Feed. This algorithm has three components: affinity, weight and degradation time.

The affinity is determined by the interaction between two users of Facebook. The more you interact with a fan, the more it will protect your posts in News Feed.
Weight refers to the types of posts. A share, for example, weighs more than a comment and a comment weighs more than a like and so on.
Degradation refers to the timeliness of posts. As a post is older it becomes less relevant for a user.

As EdgeRank the page a user is lower, the more interaction between the user and your page will be lower. In fact, only 16% of business posts a page usually appear in a fan's news feed. To increase this percentage and increase your audience, you need to increase your EdgeRank site.

Now we will explore 5 easy ways to increase Facebook page likes for your business

1. Your page contains relevant information to your audiences
Use the section "About" page to add as much information that will help the user to know you better and understand your business's: an overview of the business, a link to the website and any information that deemed necessary to attract customers.

For example:

2. Invite Friends to like your page
Invite friends and acquaintances of the page and to appreciate your business page through a "Like". In the section of "Page Manager" under the menu "Build audience", Facebook gives you the option "Invite Friends" through which you can send a request to all personal friends list.

Another way to raise likes your page is distributed on your Facebook profile. You can also upload email contact list to encourage existing contacts to connect. Any of these methods you use, be sure to contact uninterested excessive promotion.

3. Promote your Facebook page via online and offline channels.
Increase visibility is closely related to promoting your page. Use both channels online and offline marketing.

For example: If you have an advertising forum like this forum. The visitors of the forum can give you Like the Facebook page using the Like button directly on website, without having to navigate to the Facebook page. You can drag scroll bar to the bottom of forum footer to see how they are using social share buttons on forum.

4. Create content of value to your fans.
To increase interaction between fans and your website, you need to this content interesting, attractive and relevant that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. The first step to creating a quality content is understanding your customers' needs. For example, if you have a page about online products, post information that useful for a users who caring about online internet marketing industry.

5. Use paid advertising to promote your page
If you already have got a good fund. Use "Facebook Ads" to create an advertisement for your fan page that will appear on your News Feed of users who are not yet fans of the page. It's very effective to increase likes from people that you didn't know but in the same fields with you.

Above's just some ways to increase likes for your Facebook page, you can have more new ways and I would like to hear your shares here.
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