How to improve the result of contextual advertising with small modifications

How to improve the result of contextual advertising with small modifications

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    Imagine that you set up and are running a pretty good contextual advertising: a lot of people come to your site, they order products, call, write. You simply refill the balance to pay for clicks, and advertising is going its course. Did you know that almost always the result of even a good advertising can be improved? And it can be done without changing the ad text - just by optimizing the technical parameters.

    In this article we suggest you simple ways to develop your campaigns, pay less but earn more.

    Optimization of advertising platforms

    First of all, you need to constantly keep track of advertising platforms - look at what sites your ads have appeared. Of course, you will have to manually check almost all sites from which there were clicks. You need to see the locations of the blocks, with what information they are surrounded, as well as view the number of failures and conversion in analytic system.

    Keyword Optimization

    Then, another important point is clarification of key words. Even if initially extremely accurate keywords were picked up, they still remain a kind of "hypothesis". Did the hypothesis worked well, were there impressions on non-target user requests, did new negative keywords appear in the statistics - all this will be learned again with statistics. This work must also be done manually, because any reliable automated methods were not yet invented.

    Optimization of geotargeting

    If you are advertising impressions in all Europe, for example, but not to one country, you need to track the effectiveness of advertising in different regions. It makes no sense to spend the budget for any country, if there are no calls or orders from it. Perhaps, in this state you have a competitor with a better offer, or your terms are not attractive enough (for example, your product's price is low, but with the delivery it will be too expensive). All the same statistics will help to ensure the effectiveness of the regions (in your account with an advertising campaign and attendance of statistics counters).

    With these small modifications you can either spend less money on advertising, or receive more visitors at the same cost. Do not leave your campaigns without supervision or find a specialist to look after them.

    Your comments and questions are welcomed.
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    Keyword optimization is something that most people new to this rarely think about or even know about. Keyword optimization can make a big difference in the success of a campaign so it should be looked at and considered always.

    Cheers, Dean.