How to improve or stabilize internet connection?


Well I am having problems making sure that I have good and stable internet connection at home to do my work. Is their any software their that can help my with my internet?


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There is no software that will make your internet more stable.

You can however make sure that your router has the most up to date firmware and also the latest drivers for your wireless network card. This might help if there are any bugs that required fixing.

Are you having any specific issues at the moment at all?


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I had this problem too and it was the internet service I was using. After I got a different internet service then it was much better.


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When I had an internet connection problem a couple years ago it was due to my wireless phone causing interference with my wifi signal. I had to wind up getting a wireless phone that was on a different frequency and the problem was gone.

Another common fix for wifi internet connection problems is the firmware needing an update/fix as Hostlumina stated.


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Are you from the Philippines?!?! If yes, then you need a lot of luck. Not that i know of any tools that could really stabilize internet connections from other countries but if you're from here, then you just have to try what works for you best. It would be trial and error because different ISPs works best in different places so you really have to try it for yourself. The problem here is that they implement the "lock-in" period. If you want to test their internet connection, you'll be locked for their terms for 1 year. And if you're not satisfied and wanted to get out, you'll have to pay the internet connection for the remaining month that you are locked in. So best ask what is the best ISPs at your place. You could ask computer shop owners for their feedback.