How to identify dummy accounts on Facebook?


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I'm tired of fake accounts that requests to be my friend on Facebook and they post nonsense things. Just any of you guys know how to identify dummy accounts and the real one? Because I have friends on facebook that looks like a duummy with no uploaded photos of them but it's not fake.
Thank you.


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I have two ways that I personally use to presume an account on Facebook is fake. My first way is to check their amount of friends. A small amount of friends usually throws up a red flag for me. My second way that I use is to see if other accounts interact with them closely. I hope this helps.


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To identify dummy acount on facebook just checked how many friends how many post its have a tru picture and check if the acount is old or new.


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Check out the names and their timelines. The timelines tell everything. If the account just popped up two days ago and has graphic images scattered across its timeline with short text? Accompanied by a discombobulated or fake'ish sounding name? It's a dummy account or worse a hacker of some kind.


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Well, I had that problem before, too. When someone sent a friend request and you see a lot of mutual friends, you're tempted to accept it. Not knowing it's just a dummy account and intended to sneak out of your profile and use your info or what not.

The best thing to do is just try to message the person. There's a message request option now. So, basically, that person will have a chance to read your message even if you two aren't connected on Facebook.


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I think you might have said it yourself already. If they post nonsense things, there's a pretty large chance they're fake. I know you said some of them don't post images, but if they have a profile image, try doing a reverse google image search of it. If the result comes back from a stock photo or modeling site, it's probably not them.

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Fake accounts usually have few friends on their list. Few uploaded pictures, incomplete information about them and often no whereabouts on their timeline. We you encounter an account that has the mentioned above, just ignore it and don't let them consume your time.

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There are different ways to identify if a Facebook account is dummy one. First you need to check on the "Abouts" page, it will normally show some information from the user such as when the Facebook account was created and stuffs like that. Secondly, check the profile picture, if it's showing different avatars such as cartoon characters etc. and not showing their real faces, it can be considered a dummy one too. You can also check their friend's list and see how many friends they have and most importantly check if you have a mutual friend with him/her. Lastly, you can check the timeline's posts, you will be able to determine it there too. If they are posting spam links, non-sense posts etc. then you can consider it a dummy account too.
Hope this helps! :)


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You can check if a Facebook account is fake based on the number of friends they have. If they are just few, it might be a hint. Another option is you go over their timeline. If they just posted a few months ago, that account is quite suspicious. Their profile pictures might also be over-edited, posting the best possible version of themselves.


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There are a lot of dummy accounts on social media today. They're mostly used on bashing and stalking people. If you're observant you can identify if tha account is fake. The best way to do this is to view the account and look at the number of friends, if it falls less than 200 then you better be careful. Another way is to look at their pictures, if comments/likes don't reach 10 then you also better be careful. Dummy accounts are like masks. They can easily be put on and off.


I think the best way to do is to check their friends list. and look at their comments. But I think, dummy or not, It's not necessary to add anyone in your Facebook account, specially the strangers. It's hard to trust anyone right now.


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First look at their number of friends and their timeline you can already identify if that was a dummy account. You can look at their profile picture if it was a not a photos of a person and/or its to perfect to be a picture.


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If you really know the person you are friends with on Facebook, you can definitely tell whether the account is fake or real. You can also tell by the way their timeline looks like, the post they are sharing, the list of their friends and most especially their " about" (information). It is always best to friend those people you really know personally because when you do, you can also know the account they are using are fake or real.


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Hi there! So here are the things I usually do to check if that friend or user is an dummy. Check the date of membership, and number of friends as well as the appearance of the timeline. And check too the posts that that user made, dummies usually post the same profile pic over and over again so you can easily tell.