How to Effectively Use Facebook Ads + Website


How do you successfully use Facebook advertising and website together?

I want to buy FB ad to drive traffic to my blog. Please share me tips!


First of all you need to select exact solution while you are creating fb ad for your website , in your case it will be

1. Send people to your website.
2. Increase conversions on your website.

Enter your website / blog URL

then you will get option for

1. Leads
2. Registrations.
3. Other website conversion.

Give Name then Create pixel for it When you will create pixel for your website you will get a code Copy and paste that code between <head> and </head> on the page of your website you want to track actions.

Select your targeted audience and daily budget .

Create a Good landing page for your website / blog and see traffic coming in.


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First of all, I wouldn't advise you to send paid traffic to a blog. Unless maybe if you have an optin form below each blog post, sidebar and maybe your homepage is a squeeze page. If you don't have optin forms below each post, on sidebar and your homepage is not a squeeze page then put your money in your hat, wear the hat, and hold the hat tight :D

Send paid traffic to a squeeze page not a blog post, but there's nothing wrong with sending paid traffic to a blog post, there are valid reasons as to why you might do it.

When it comes to FB Ads, then you need to build your own custom audience (google if you don't know it). When you use facebook's targeting options then your cost per click will be expensive, but with your custom audience you can get really cheap clicks.

To lower the cost even more, then you can keep the traffic within facebook by creating a facebook tab (there's a lot of tools for this). You can embed your blog into a facebook tab on your fan page and send the FB Ads traffic to that tab and facebook will lower your cost because you're keeping the traffic in their website and not sending them to a 3rd party site.

One last thing that I see a lot of people not doing is re-targeting, again, if you don't know it, google it. So use re-targeting tools to increase sales and conversions.

That's FB Ads marketing in a nutshell.

Hope that helps.
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